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Toronto Star on John Graves Simcoe; Jamie Bell in Fantastic Four Selfie

This week, the Toronto Star assesses John Graves Simcoe’s place in history, while Jamie Bell poses for a selfie with his Fantastic Four cast members. Plus, Journal of the American Revolution examines how crucial it is for historical fiction to be 100 percent accurate. Read on for more:

• In celebration of Simcoe Day, the Toronto Star takes a closer look at John Graves Simcoe, observing that he “appears as a magnificent British villain” on TURN: Washington’s Spies.

• The New York Daily News features a selfie from the Fantastic Four cast, including Jamie Bell, as production on the film wrapped.

Journal of the American Revolution asks, “If Turn’s enjoyable presentation, accurate or not, provokes curiosity to know more about the people, places and events from responsible historical books, articles and documentaries, isn’t that a win-win for all?”

Deadline reports that Angus MacFadyen has booked a leading role in a syndicated drama series called The Pinkertons.

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