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How Well Do You Know Season 1? Play the TURN Ultimate Fan Game to Find Out

tn-101-simcoe-abe-560Experiencing TURN: Washington’s Spies withdrawal? Of course you are. Season 1 may be over, but there’s still one thing left to do: Prove you’re the ultimate TURN: Washington’s Spies expert. Do you know what the first piece of intelligence that Abe gave to Caleb was? Or which spycraft method Ben learned from Nathaniel Sackett? Well, that’s not enough. You’ll need to answer nine more questions in the TURN: Washington’s Spies Season 1 Ultimate Fan Game, then prove you’re the champ by challenging your Facebook friends to beat your score. Afterwards, if you haven’t already, be sure to play the other TURN: Washington’s Spies Ultimate Fan Games, including a game for each Season 1 episode and a game for series star Jamie Bell.


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