• Caleb acts as a courier between Abe and Ben, constantly putting himself at risk to ferry Abe's intelligence from Setauket across the Long Island Sound and back to the Patriot camp. A free spirit who marches to the beat of his own drummer, Caleb also takes on the dirty work that no one can know about.

    After watching Simcoe murder his uncle at the end of the first season, Caleb was haunted by his decision not to kill him when he had the chance. Another opportunity arose in Season 3, but things didn't go as planned and Caleb had to be saved by Robert Rogers. Rogers's interference eventually lead to Robert Townsend learning Caleb was the one who'd attacked his father, tearing a rift in the Culper Ring. A rift that only mended when they discovered Benedict Arnold was a traitor and rejoined to stop him.

    In Season 4, Caleb's carefree ways catch up to him, when he's caught up in Arnold's dragnet. His confidence is low and his inability to rise to the occasion when the Culpers need him most threatens to destroy not only childhood friendships, but the rebellion itself.

  • Daniel Henshall has worked in the Australian theatre, film and television industry since graduating from the Actors Centre, Sydney in 2006.

    He is best known for his portrayal as serial killer John Bunting in the critically acclaimed The Snowtown Murders. For his performance, Henshall earned the 2012 AACTA Award for Best Actor (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts).

    He is also known for his work as Robbie in the psychological horror The Babadook, as Freddy in the drama thriller These Final Hours, and most recently as Kingsley in ABC's contemporary adaption of Anna Karenina, The Beautiful Lie.

    Most recently, Henshall can be seen in Ghost in the Shell for DreamWorks Studios, and OKJA which will be distributed by Netflix and produced by Plan B.