• Famed for his bravery and grit, Arnold was regarded by Washington as his finest battlefield commander. He was the hero of Saratoga, a staunch defender of his commander-in-chief, and a mentor of sorts to Ben Tallmadge.

    Over the course of Season 2, however, Arnold felt slighted by a country for which he had sacrificed so much of his fortune and health. Denied a return to the battlefield by Washington because of his wounds, Arnold was relegated to a desk job as military commandant of Philadelphia, where he renewed his acquaintance with the alluring Peggy Shippen. Unbeknownst to Arnold, Peggy's interest was designed to bring him into contact with John André, whom she hoped to wed. In Season 3, Arnold conspired with André to turn West Point over to the British but was found out and forced to flee, reviled by the patriots for his betrayal and by his fellow Redcoat officers for getting André caught and hanged.

    Arnold goes on a rampage in Season 4, rounding up suspected spies along with innocent men and women. Eager to command a regiment of his own, he's finally given the funds to raise the Loyal American Legion to fight his nemesis General Washington. A brilliant military strategist, Arnold is keen to remind his former commander of his prowess on the battlefield.

  • Owain Yeoman’s first audition was for the Warner Bros.’ epic film Troy, in which Wolfgang Petersen cast him as Lysander. Yeoman went on to play the title lead role in the WB comedy Commando Nanny, and lead roles in Fox’s Kitchen Confidential, and ABC’s The Nine. He has also starred in over a dozen stage plays in London’s West End, the Oxford Playhouse, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and was honored by BAFTA as one of their "Brits to Watch."

    Additional television credits include Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; HBO’s award-winning Generation Kill; and, the CBS hit show The Mentalist, playing the role of CBI Detective Wayne Rigsby. Yeoman also appeared in the feature film Beerfest, and Clint Eastwood’s feature, American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper. Yeoman will next be seen in the James Gunn-produced MGM feature The Belko Experiment.

    Yeoman is an honors graduate of Oxford University in English Literature, and graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, with distinction, where he was the winner of the Henry Marshall Performance Shield.