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Stream The Walking Dead Episode 13: Michonne’s Emotional Final Episode

Over the years, Michonne has gone from lone wolf to an unquestioned leader with a family anyone would be happy to have, in the apocalypse or not.

But along the way she’s experienced unimaginable loss.

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Not least of which, the loss of her child, Carl’s death and, of course, the disappearance of Rick.

In Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, her emotional final episode, one discovery changes everything for Michonne.

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Her time on TWD may be coming to an end, but the questions are only beginning.

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For more insight into the shocking episode, read a breakdown of the episode and their favorite Michonne scenes with Executive Producers Scott M. Gimple and Angela Kang.

Watch the Cast and Creators Break Down Michonnne’s Journey:

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