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(SPOILERS) TWD Cast and Creators on Carol’s Game-Changing Moves in Episode 12

When Negan takes out Alpha, it’s a game-changing revelation, but it comes with a cost for everyone, Negan included.

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In a new video breaking down the entire Whisperer war, including Carol and Negan’s earth-shattering alliance, Jeffrey Dean Morgan explains his character’s reasoning.

“One of things you don’t do is… you don’t kill kids,” Morgan says.

For Carol, the calculation is far simpler: revenge.

“It’s what Carol has been wanting and fighting for, for a very long time now,” says Executive Producer Angela Kang.

Is the Whisperer war over?

Hear the cast and creators break it down. Plus, they take fans behind the scenes of some of the biggest battles of the Whisperer War.

Behind the Scenes of the Whisperer War:

For more insight into the shocking episode, read an interview with Samantha Morton (Alpha).

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