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Norman Reedus Answers the Web’s Most Burning Questions in New “Autocomplete Interview”

If you’ve ever Googled a question about Norman Reedus, you’re in luck. The Walking Dead and Ride With Norman Reedus star recently sat down with Wired for a new episode of their “Autocomplete Interview” digital series, where he offers answers some of the most-searched queries about him.

And Norman doesn’t just make a joke and move on. For every question, he has a story. “How was Norman Reedus discovered?” He discusses the small play that put Norman on the map. “Does he speak Japanese?” Enough to embarrass The Walking Dead costar Andrew Lincoln on live Japanese television. “Why does he wear sunglasses?” Norman reveals he has a titanium eye socket after a terrible car accident that causes his sensitivity to bright light.

Plus, Norman drops major hints about upcoming projects. He teases possible new collaborations with video game industry legend Hideo Kojima, with whom he worked on the recent, highly anticipated video game, Death Stranding. Norman also reveals new locations for Ride With Norman Reedus Season 5, including New Zealand, and possible visits to Italy, Greece and Croatia, though according to Norman, “I think because of the coronavirus, we’ve kinda put that on hold for now.”

Watch Norman answer the internet’s most searched questions below:

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