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Holiday Gifts For All Your Favorite The Walking Dead Characters to Sit and Relax By the Fire With

Happy holidays!

Unfortunately for the survivors of The Walking Dead, whether it’s the holiday season, or any time of year, there’s rarely a reason to celebrate. There’s no time for eggnog and gift-giving in between the battles with marauding walkers, devious Whisperers and the elements themselves. No wonder there’s no holiday cheer and goodwill overflowing on the streets of Alexandria.

This year, we hope to change that by picking out gifts for a few deserving TWD characters, both naughty and nice. This way, if you pick Beta in your next workplace Secret Santa drawing, you’ll know what to do.

Daryl: A Book of Dog Names
He named his dog Dog. Come on, Daryl, you’re better than that. With this handy book of dog names, his canine companion can go by something a little more interesting. Let’s be real, he’ll probably pick the first name: Aaron it is! That’s going to be confusing.

Carol: A Day at the Spa
Carol is straight-up stressed. She’s done some pretty unspeakable things and seen some sh-t. Her kids keep dying and now she’s losing her mind. But she can’t get a single day off. Even when she tries to go off on her boat, everyone tells her to come back and then gets mad at her for seeking revenge on Alpha. For her holiday gift, Carol gets one full day to relax and not have to kill anything.

Michonne: A Fancy Scabbard
For someone living in the apocalypse, Michonne actually has a lot of good stuff going on. She’s got a cute family, the respect of her community, an important job and everyone’s favorite weapon. So what do you get for the stylish warrior on the go who already has the coolest sword around? A bad-ass new scabbard for said legendary sword.

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Eugene: An Atari
What better gift for this mulletted man-child of the ’80s than an old-school video game system. If you can get an extra one for Eugene to share with his new long-distance lady friend (what ’80s nerd doesn’t have a long-distance girlfriend that has suspiciously never been seen?), all the better.

Rosita: Babysitting Services
She’s been on death’s door and Dante murdered Coco’s father. Rosita’s another one who deserves a night off. There are actually a fair amount of teenagers wandering around Alexandria these days. For the holidays, we’re recruiting one of them for a weekly babysitting gig.

Negan: A New Jacket
What do you buy the guy who already has nothing, because he fled from prison to join a weird group of wanna-be walkers who live in woods? Well you know what Negan likes. Leather jackets. Lots of leather jackets.

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Alpha: A Herd Refill
The pesky survivors keep inconveniently destroying parts of Alpha’s herd. She needs a re-up. The best thing is, this is literally the easiest gift to come by in the apocalypse.

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Beta: A New Mask
Recently, we found out he’s been wearing that thing since Lydia was a child. That’s, conservatively, five or six years ago. Imagine how bad it smells in there. No wonder he’s so grumpy. For the holidays, get him a nice, fresh mask with that new mask smell.

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Now that you know the right gift the TWD survivors and villains, pick out the perfect gift for your TWD superfan friends or yourself, with our The Walking Dead Holiday Gift Guide.

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