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TV Guide Spotlights Rosita Baby Photos; We Got This Covered on New Daryl/Carol TWD Season 10 Clip

This week, TV Guide spotlights photos of Rosita’s baby, while We Got This Covered checks out a new Season 10 clip of Daryl and Carol reuniting. Plus, on Michonne and Judith’s relationship. Read on for more:

TV Guide showcases two photos — part of AMC’s TWD X, ten weeks of reveals leading up to the Season 10 Premiere — of Rosita’s baby, who is named “Socorro” (“Coco” for short).

We Got This Covered spotlights a Season 10 Premiere clip that features Daryl and Carol “reuniting after apparently not seeing each other for a while.”

• During The Walking Dead Season 10 Preview Special, Danai Gurira says, according to, “There’s a lot of great stuff that connects [Michonne] and Judith, into Judith really becoming her mother’s daughter. That’s a very beautiful thing, in terms of, ‘How do you deal with an enemy, and how do you raise a daughter in this world?'” checks out a behind-the-scenes video that teases “the highly-anticipated confrontation between Melissa McBride’s Carol and Samantha Morton’s Alpha.”

Screen Rant explains why Sasha is one of The Walking Dead‘s most “underrated” characters, calling her “one of the show’s most complex survivors. She suffered more than her fair share of loss, but for the sake of her friends, she always found the strength to fight.”

• With Shiva gone, Khary Payton says, according to, “I keep asking for an elephant. I feel like an elephant is a good apocalypse animal. They’ve got a nice, thick skin you can’t bite through, you can just step on a walker, if I get on his back I’m up high.”

• Now that Judith is “officially a Funko Pop! figure,” reports that Cailey Fleming shared a video of herself unboxing her character’s figure and “her pure joy is on full display. In fact, it looks like the young actress might just be in complete disbelief.”

• Discussing a potential “very Shakespearean” death for Aaron, Ross Marquand says, “I think it’d be cool if — because I’ve got this metal arm now and this metal hand — I feel like if I were to kill a Whisperer in a really epic fashion,” as reported by

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Season 10 premieres Sunday, October 6 at 9/8c on AMC.

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