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How the Crew Created an Unreliable Narrator in the Latest Episode of The Walking Dead

As Lydia sits in an interrogation cell and tells her life story, it quickly becomes clear there’s more than meets the eye to the tale of her mother.

For the cast and crew, the fact of Lydia’s distorted memories presented a unique challenge.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, they reveal how Alpha’s origin story was brought to life through two different POVs.

The Making of Episode 10 

“There’s the way that young Lydia has been conditioned to remember it and the way that it actually happened,” explains Producer/Unit Production Manager Christian Agypt.

The crew relied on lighting and lens distortion to film the flashback scenes.

“It’s kind of an apparitional lens…when people see it, they’re going to see that something’s a little shifted in time,” says David Boyd, who directed the episode.

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