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Get an Authentic Look at What It’s Like to Be Deaf in the Apocalypse in the Latest Episode of The Walking Dead

Imagine fighting something you can’t hear coming.

That’s how Connie survives the apocalypse.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, actress Lauren Ridloff gives an authentic look at creating her character’s unique perspective.

The Making of Episode 11 

Ridloff, being deaf herself, helped to realistically anchor the whole scene.

“It really shows the audience and the world out there how capable deaf people are,” she says.

“…They use their eyes and they acquire knowledge and they use their bodies,” continues Ridloff.

The crew helped achieve Connie’s direct point of view through a mixture of both handheld and steady cameras.

They also played with sound design to make for an experiential sequence.

Click here to go behind the scenes.

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