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THR Wants to Know What’s Next; ComicBook Lauds Recent Half-Season

This week, The Hollywood Reporter asks some burning questions for Season 9’s second half, while lauds the show’s latest half-season. Plus, Danai Gurira teases to what to expect from the Whisperers. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter wonders, “What’s next now that the Whisperers are officially on the board? That’s one of the many questions we’re left asking in the wait between now and the rest of season nine, returning to AMC on Sunday, Feb. 10. Here’s what else we’re wondering during the current Walking Dead hiatus.” proclaims, “The Walking Dead has put together its best half-season in years, quite possibly since Rick and Shane’s relationship spiraled out of control leading to walkers overrunning Hershel’s barn. It ended as something tremendously different than it started as, but The Walking Dead is at its best in Season Nine.”

• According to, Danai Gurira teases of The Whisperers, “Now, it’s a brand new battle to fight in a whole new way. This is not Negan. This is not the Governor. This is a very pernicious group of people.”

TV Guide shares “everything we know about the rest of The Walking Dead Season 9.”

The Hollywood Reporter wonders about Negan: “With potential paternal feelings toward Judith and perhaps with some feelings of friendship toward Gabriel and the other Alexandrians, it’s not unreasonable to think Negan is going to try and maintain some sense of loyalty to the people who have imprisoned him for nearly a decade.” points out 20 Easter eggs, observing, “What is great about The Walking Dead is that there are Easter eggs that hint at things to come and there are others that call back events from the past.”

The Walking Dead‘s Georgia-based studio will offer tours to the public, starting Dec. 14, that “will take fans of the franchise through some of the most iconic locations in recent Walking Dead history: Alexandria, the Sanctuary, the Hilltop, the Heaps and Oceanside, to name a few,” reports The Hollywood Reporter. reports that IMDb‘s By the Numbers has “determined the specific number of human fatalities on The Walking Dead across its nine seasons.”

The Verge explains why it’s “invigorated by the show’s new approach, excited about where it’s going, and eager to find out how the characters get there.” checks out a trailer for the rest of Season 9 that has “the first peek at Whisperers Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst).”

TheWrap adds that the trailer “isn’t lacking action or pivotal drama, with Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Beta about to face off and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan coming back into the Sanctuary.”

Forbes, calling Season 9 so far the “the strongest (or at least most consistent) half-season of The Walking Dead ever,” declares the trailer “looks to continue the excellent track record of The Walking Dead under Angela Kang.”

• Meanwhile, TV Insider notes “eight things you might have missed in that action-packed, creepy trailer” for the second half of Season 9.

Screen Rant shares the biggest unanswered questions and mysteries from the Midseason Finale, which “certainly delivered a number of huge, dramatic moments and some memorable action sequences.”

Syfy Wire points out that “a strong visual statement is made when Michonne puts on something from Rick’s closet in the first episode since actor Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the series. Rick is gone, but he is far from forgotten.”

io9 spotlights a a behind-the-scenes video from “What Comes After” where Rick blows up a bridge, noting, “Creating one of the series’ most complicated shots required extensive post-production work, but surprisingly, no actual bridges were harmed in the process.”

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