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AMC and Live Science Partner to Show You How to Rebuild After a Zombie Apocalypse

After the time jump, Michonne, Carol and the survivors have found themselves facing a new challenge: how to rebuild society without the vestiges of tech.

For Alexandria, the Kingdom and Hilltop, that’s meant a return to horses and blacksmiths.

So how exactly does one build that new world Rick dreamed of?

AMC and Live Science have partnered on a series of articles answering that very question.

Part one tackles the nine keys to rebuilding civilization, including less obvious steps such as “document and share knowledge,” as Georgie has done on TWD.

The second part delves into the challenge of farming in the apocalypse, which regularly daunts the survivors.

And in part three, experts analyze the role of animals in the zombie apocalypse.

Click here to read the fascinating series now.

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