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Go BTS of the Bloody Bar Brawl Between Morgan, Rick and the Saviors in The Walking Dead Episode 14

A herd walks into a bar…

In a new behind-the-scenes video, the crew shows how they created this week’s on-screen bloodbath in a real bar (Mama’s Country Showcase in Georgia, to be exact).

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 14, “Still Gotta Mean Something”

In the chaos, Morgan finds himself face to face with Jared, the Savior whose blood he’s wanted to spill for ages.

The crew explains how balsa wood proved to be a great replacement for a pool cue because it weighed almost nothing and still splintered when broken over Lennie James’s back.

The scene’s climax — Jared being eaten alive by walkers — was equally complex.

The crew fitted actor Joshua Mikel (Jared) with a porous cheek prosthetic that had a blood tube fed through it.

Although it’s goodbye to his character, Mikel still thinks, “The myriad of terrible things [Jared’s] done warrants a death like this… It was fantastic!”

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