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Cast and Creators Wrap Up Season 8 of The Walking Dead

Of all the casualties during the war against Negan, none shifted the course of Rick’s world quite like the loss of his son.

Carl’s dying words reminded Rick that the fighting would be all for naught if there wasn’t a plan for the future.

“The boy is almost the emotional anchor for that future,” says Andrew Lincoln in a video wrapping up the season.

Wrap Up Season 8 With the Cast and Creators

Victory has a price, and the survivors felt the cost of it time and time again.

“People wanted war, and I think they got that, but they got all the complexity and all the horrors of it as well,” says Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis).

“It felt like the stakes were higher than they’ve ever been before,” adds Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth. “They were able to come out the other side and see a vision of the future.”

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