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Steven Ogg Talks to EW; THR Chats Heapsters With Pollyanna McIntosh

This week, Steven Ogg discusses all things Simon with Entertainment Weekly, while The Hollywood Reporter chats with Pollyanna McIntosh. Plus, TV Guide is impressed by Negan’s compassion. Read on for more:

• Steven Ogg speaks with Entertainment Weekly about why Simon let Jadis live, saying, “There’s got to be a greater purpose for this person if they’ve got this far in the world, so let me just, maybe, you know, see what I can do with them or see what happens. See if they come around.”

The Hollywood Reporter interviews Pollyanna McIntosh, who says, “If people have enjoyed hating Jadis, they certainly now have an eye into a different part of her. I think you can’t help but have some human empathetic experience at some point in this episode, which I think is really interesting.”

• Pollyanna McIntosh tells Entertainment Weekly she doesn’t think Jadis is “going to be feeling sorry for herself about how Rick’s left her there. She’s got enough grief going on, and I think that it becomes about survival and it becomes about honor and it becomes about doing this kind of ritual of burying my mates.”

• Discussing the aftermath of Carl’s death, TV Guide highlights that “when Rick broke the news to Negan that Carl died, we saw a side of Negan that we haven’t seen before: Compassion.”

Uproxx applauds Negan’s monologue: “Negan cut Rick Grimes to the core by showing that he could be the man that Carl wanted him to be, while the message that Carl imparted to his father when he died still hasn’t sunk in for Rick.”

Entertainment Weekly talks to Greg Nicotero, who explains that “there’s a lot more to come in terms of where Rick is going, and what his mindset is after Carl’s death. And we’re going to get a chance to really explore how he perceives the world and what’s coming down the pipe for us.”

• Danai Gurira tells Access Hollywood, “I found Michonne when I worked with Chandler [Riggs]. I found her heart.”

• After watching the latest episode, Uproxx calls Jadis “potentially the most dangerous threat to both Negan and Rick.”

• “What I enjoy about the show is it makes a decision to show you what would, on the face of it, [be] the morally right decision. I’m happy to take that on because I personally would agree with that way of doing things,” Tom Payne (Jesus) tells TheWrap.

• Tom Payne, speaking with Syfy, teases, “The resolution to the war is coming, and Jesus will be helping out in any way he can.”

World Screen reports that Andrew Lincoln has been nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award in the category of favorite TV actor.

• Previewing the next episode, “Dead Or Alive Or,” CarterMatt declares that “all signs point towards this being a major opportunity to see Norman Reedus shine as Daryl Dixon.”

• Discussing Simon’s arc, Steven Ogg tells Syfy, “We get to follow his trails on the road, like what he sees when he visits Jadis and the Heapsters. We get to see a little more of where this right-hand man has been since we never saw him around much.”

TVLine‘s best quotes of the week includes Carl telling Judith, “You be good, OK? For Michonne, for Dad… You gotta honor ‘im. Listen when he tells you stuff. You don’t have to always. Sometimes kids gotta show their parents the way.”

• Weighing in on Carl’s death, Sarah Wayne Callies tells Fan Fest, “I think it’s beautiful that his last words pass on a sense of possibility to his little sister. For somebody who’s grown up in this apocalyptic world, for him to have any positivity and light left to pass on to another generation is in itself a really extraordinary success.”

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