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Lauren Cohan Reveals How They Made the Pitch-Dark Hilltop Battle in The Walking Dead Episode 13

The attack on Hilltop in Episode 13 was one of the biggest sequences ever shot on the show.

“As chaotic as it sounds, this is one of the most fun episodes to shoot,” says Lauren Cohan (Maggie).

In a new behind-the-scenes video, Cohan joins the crew to show how the overwhelming sequence was created.

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 13, “Do Not Send Us Astray”

One of the more complicated scenes was walker Tobin’s arrival — and send-off.

The crew placed a custom apparatus on the necks of Tobin’s victims that allowed him to sink his teeth into them.

“It’s indistinguishable from the real thing,” Jason Douglas (Tobin) explains. “So, it’s a little nerve-racking going in because you don’t want to bite in the wrong place.”

Overall, it was a long night for the crew — with some people starting their shift at four in the morning — and as many as 70 people working at once.

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