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ComicBook Interviews Andrew Lincoln; Scott Gimple Talks Future With EW

This week, interviews Andrew Lincoln, while Scott Gimple discusses the future with Entertainment Weekly. Plus, Sasha makes Variety‘s list of “TV’s Most Meaningful Deaths of 2017.” Read on for more:

• interviews Andrew Lincoln, who says Carl’s death is “bigger than any other death that we’ve ever had and we realize that as it plays out in the back eight. The back eight is completely different from the front eight. This episode happens and everything changes. We spin off into a completely different new world.”

• Scott Gimple explains to EW that Season 8’s first eight episodes “were about Rick just lunging forward with a point of view and a plan, and the danger inherent in that plan. And the world ultimately reminding him that there are things outside of his control and that there are things even beyond the conflict that he finds himself in.”

• Variety counts Sasha’s death as one of TV’s most meaningful this year: “After a failed attempt to kill Negan, she killed herself with a poison pill and reanimated as a walker in ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.'”

• Jon Bernthal tells Independent, “What I liked about Shane and that part was you couldn’t pin him down. There were really conflicting emotions at hand. He wasn’t a villain or good guy.” spotlights a poster inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi that “sees Rick Grimes in place of Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker, as warrior Michonne’s katana is replaced with a Jedi Knight lightsaber. Negan, the villain of the piece, wields a red lightsaber inspired by barbwire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille.”

• One of TVLine‘s best quotes of the year includes Maggie telling Daryl he doesn’t need to feel guilty over Glenn’s death: “You’re one of the good things in this world. That’s what Glenn thought. And he would know… because he was one of the good things, too.”

Metro takes a “chronological look at what characters we’ve lost so far and how they died.”

• “With the Midseason Finale having now come and gone, we’re looking back at all the deaths – both major and minor – throughout the season so far, preparing ourselves for even more mayhem when the critically-acclaimed zombie drama returns in February 2018,” Screen Rant says.

• According to, Greg Nicotero explains there’s no such thing as a perfect zombie bite, “so every time we do it, we do it a little differently, because we’re always trying to troubleshoot the best way to accomplish the tearing skin and immediate blood spray.”

Fan Fest announces that Funko is releasing a new wave of Walking Dead Pop figures, for Sasha, Eugene, Ezekiel and Richard, as well as an exclusive zombie variant for Sasha (RIP).

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