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Inside The Walking Dead Episode 3 — Is Rick One of the Bad Guys?

While raiding the Saviors’ office building, Rick runs into someone he may have thought he’d never see again — Morales from Atlanta.

“Seeing someone from his past…” says Andrew Lincoln in a new behind-the-scenes video, “I think maybe it fans the fire of an older Rick. A Rick that has been sort of forgotten for a while.”

Rick believes he’s different from the Savior standing in front of him with a gun, but maybe they’re more alike than he thinks.

Go Inside Episode 3 “Monsters” With the Cast and Creators

Both men have lived through loss since they were last together, but Morales is proudly “Negan” now and he’s convinced Rick is the monster.

Morales knows Rick and his people are the ones who massacred Saviors in their sleep at the outpost — maybe even people Morales knew.

“One minute the anti-hero can be the hero and the hero the anti-hero,” says Lincoln.

“Rick still has that core goodness in him,” says Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth “But he’s a ferocious survivor now.”

Click here to watch the video now and hear the cast and creators discuss how Morales gave a new perspective to Rick’s war against the Saviors.

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