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Go BTS to See How Rosita Made a Savior Go Boom in The Walking Dead Episode 6

Messing with Rosita has never been a good strategy for staying in one piece.

When two Saviors corner her and Michonne in Episode 6, Rosita truly outdoes herself, dispatching the enemy with a bang.

In a new video on the making of the episode, the crew shows off just how Rosita made a Savior literally go boom.

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 6 “The King, the Widow, and Rick” With the Cast and Crew 

Creating the dramatic scene required Christian Serratos to hold an an actual rocket launcher and the crew to create a real explosion.

To do so, they rigged an RPG with a fuel-filled water bottle to produce a real explosion.

The result? One dead Savior and your ultimate Woman Crush Wednesday.

Click here to go behind the scenes of Rosita and Michonne’s gritty warehouse fight with the Saviors.

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