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Go BTS of The Walking Dead Episode 5 as Negan and Gabriel Suit Up in “Meat Flaps”

When a horde of walkers surrounds Gabriel and Negan, the only one way out is through them.

For actors Seth Gilliam and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that means once again suiting up in “meat flaps.”

It’s a trick both the characters and crew know all too well, and in a new video on the making of the episode, the crew shows off how they created that claustrophobic POV in the pack of walkers.

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 5 “The Big Scary U” With the Cast and Crew 

Assembling the guts means using burgundy-tinted silicone so the zombies can stretch and rip it apart.

“I’m never excited to gut up!” Gilliam admits.


Click here to go behind the scenes with Gilliam, Morgan and the crew.

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