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Go BTS of The Walking Dead Episode 4 as Jerry Goes Berserk With a Battle Axe

There are many rules to follow in the apocalypse.

Among them: when the king is in trouble, don’t mess with Jerry.

“The script really calls for a berserk Jerry, so we did some modifications on levels of anger,” explains Episode 4 Director Dan Liu in a new video on the making of Jerry’s huge battle-axe melee.

Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 4 “Some Guys” With the Cast and Crew 

Khary Payton (Ezekiel) explains that Cooper Andrews (Jerry) has “been waiting to swing that axe… and it’s finally coming to fruition.”

Andrews trained long and hard to bring the intensity required for the scene, and it needed some tweaking to get it just right.

For choreography, Andrews’ experience in martial arts came in handy, as delivering strategic and deliberate chops with his axe were more important than high-speed blows.

In the end, Jerry takes out a bad guy and a slew of walkers in the process.

“Getting to fight side-by-side with the king is the coolest thing!” explains Andrew.

Click here to go behind the scenes with Cooper Andrews on set and see precisely how Jerry cuts a guy in half.

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