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Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Episode 2 — An Unlikely Defense Trips Up Jesus and Morgan

While the survivors may have landed the first blow in the war against Negan, the fight is far from over.

In this sneak peek of Episode 2, Jesus and Morgan weigh their next move at a Saviors outpost.

They’ll have to be extra careful as the Saviors have their outpost surrounded by a novel form of defense.

After all, why have a moat of water when you can have a moat full of walkers?

Watch a Sneak Peek of Episode 2, “The Damned”

If the Saviors spot Jesus and Morgan and fire their guns, the walkers will go straight for them and the whole plan will be over before it starts.

Can they make a move without blowing their cover?

Click here to watch a clip from Sunday’s all-new episode to see the stakes.

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