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Andrew Lincoln Talks Rick With NBC; ComicBook Lauds Season Premiere

This week, Andrew Lincoln tells NBC Rick is ready for battle, while and others praise the Season 8 Premiere. Plus, the Smithsonian now has a trove of items from the show in its collection. Read on for more:

• According to NBC, Andrew Lincoln says Rick is “ready for battle. He’s very much like a shark in that he needs to keep moving or he dies. And I think kicking Negan’s a** is as good a reason as anything to get him focused.”

• Previewing the Season 8 Premiere, says the show is “back in form, pairing the explosive battle fans have been yearning for with storytelling devices unlike any used on the series to date.”

Den of Geek calls the Season 8 Premiere “a return to form. It’s intense, action-packed, and heart-warming in all of the right places. Most importantly, it puts Rick Grimes back in the captain’s chair where he will hopefully stay.”

Insider looks ahead to the Season 8 Premiere, declaring that “longtime fans of the series will be very pleased with what they see.” proclaims, “The Walking Dead has officially cemented its place in history, becoming a part of the Smithsonian Museum’s displays,” with donations of items like Hershel’s head, Daryl’s crossbow, Michonne’s katana blade and Merle’s weaponized arm rig.

Smithsonian Magazine reports that the objects will be exhibited in the American History Museum’s new culture wing, which is scheduled to open in 2018.

• Scott Gimple tells TV Insider that the “All Out War” conflict “just hangs over everything, affects everything and drives everything. It’s a very different season for us. It’s gonna make for some really exciting television.”

• Checking out a behind-the-scenes featurette, TV Guide comments that the previously-seen Season 8 footage in it “looks so, so nice and the new commentary from the likes of Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is getting me more excited than ever.”

• “Season 8 is my favorite season for a long time. It feels likes we are back to the show — and certainly the leader that I loved playing — in earlier seasons,” Andrew Lincoln declares to Entertainment Weekly.

• Discussing Season 8, Danai Gurira tells Entertainment Weekly, “It’s a very powerful thing when you think you’re in the clutches of oppression or tyranny and actually come together as a people and decide to stop it. And I loved how that echoes through many a thing we’ve seen — the fight against apartheid, the fight for the civil rights movement.”

People highlights terrifying transformations, including one from The Walking Dead: “From the casting story to the makeup chair timelapse, see how the show’s experts created the pilot’s haunting half-corpse, which just might be one of their scariest zombies ever.”

• Season 8’s first four episodes are “a battle. The whole thing is a war and the fallout from that,” Tom Payne relates to Entertainment Weekly.

• Katelyn Nacon, chatting with Entertainment Weekly, reveals that Enid is “definitely a bigger part of the community and the fight and everything. She doesn’t want to just sit by or be by herself. She’s not just looking out for herself anymore.”

Den of Geek poses “a few questions we’d like to see answered when the The Walking Dead returns,” i.e. “Where do Dwight’s loyalties truly lie?”

• Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Melissa McBride says one of Carol’s most memorable walker kills was the time she was practicing doing a C-section and had to take down a female walker at the prison gate, partly because “that was one of the first scenes I had with Steven [Yeun] — quite possibly the only scene I had with Steven.”

• Bicycle Girl was Andrew Lincoln’s favorite walker kill, according to Entertainment Weekly: “I’ve always said it was the human behind the monster and the monster behind the human, which is pretty much the essence of the show. So I had to put her down.”

• Norman Reedus tells Entertainment Weekly his favorite walker kill — “a zombie slam dunk that Daryl Dixon performed on an unsuspecting walker” — was inspired by Michael Jordan.

• Lauren Cohan tells Entertainment Weekly her favorite zombie kill — “when we get to the prison and we have those riot gear walkers” — from Season 3, Episode 1 “Seed,” was influenced by Alfred Hitchcock.

Entertainment Weekly learns from Danai Gurira that she enjoyed the scene in Season 4’s “After” where Michonne kills 24 walkers, calling it “such a powerful moment of her letting herself grow into the next stage and not just die off because she’s lost people.”

Entertainment Weekly speaks with Josh McDermitt, who confirms that Eugene is “firmly Negan. He either chooses Alexandria or he chooses Negan, and he’s decided to go with Negan.”

• Several cast members share memories of their first days on set with Entertainment Weekly: “Some are funny, some are profound, and all paint a picture of why The Walking Dead is such a welcoming — if also hot as hell — set to work on.”

• Ross Marquand tells that Aaron is “still the optimist, but I think he’s going to have to move into a much more leadership role, now that, especially pretty much all the main leaders in Alexandria are dead.”

• Josh McDermitt teases to that the Season 8 Premiere is “a big, big episode, and that’s exciting. I think that the script does this century mark, if you will, justice and it’s exciting to go to war.”

• Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew J. West says playing Gareth was “one of the most exciting, fulfilling jobs that I had ever had because it was heavy and it was dark, and I was working with superb actors.”

Yahoo chats with Elaine Montalvo, the show’s costume designer, who says that, because of the All Out War, “even some of the characters that may have been a little passive in the past are becoming very confident and strong, now more than ever. And their costumes reflect that empowerment and that strength when they’re dressing for battle.”

Parade spotlights the new The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide, which “outlines exactly how our favorite characters foraged, hunted, cooked and even grew food whenever they could—plus the recipes that fueled them.”

Yahoo looks back at “13 times the Walking Dead gang suffered devastating, and sometimes deadly, misfortune.”

• Ahead of the release later this month of Bear McCreary’s The Walking Dead soundtrack, IGN has “a first-listen for one of its most important tracks, ‘The Governor.'”

• Checking out behind-the-scenes photos, Insider notes, “While Rick and company may be all business in the zombie apocalypse, on set the close-knit actors are all smiles, hugs, and even pranksters.”

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