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Andrew Lincoln Talks Elaborate Plan With EW; THR Interviews Greg Nicotero

This week, Andrew Lincoln talks with Entertainment Weekly about his group’s elaborate plan, while The Hollywood Reporter interviews Scott Gimple. Plus, Greg Nicotero reveals one of the season’s themes to EW. Read on for more:

• Andrew Lincoln tells Entertainment Weekly “there is an elaborate plan that will unveil itself as the episodes unfold. But you’ve only seen stage one of something. It’s almost like the laying of the table, and with 15 more courses of pain, punishment, and retribution.”

• Asked about Father Gabriel being trapped with Negan, Scott Gimple reveals to The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s the beginning of a story. Both characters have things to do and a path to tread and things to befall them. We will play out that story.”

• Previewing the next three episodes to Entertainment Weekly, Scott Gimple says they are “just one thing after the other after the other. It is very, very intense. It moves very, very quickly.”

Entertainment Weekly interviews Greg Nicotero, who observes that “definitely one of the strongest themes in the show is okay, well, we have this opportunity to destroy and decimate this threat now, but at what cost?”

• “I say this every year, but it was by far the hardest episode that I have ever done. It was so complex and really trying to track where everybody was emotionally and where they’re going,” Greg Nicotero says to about directing the Season 8 Premiere.

• Greg Nicotero shares with Insider that one of the Season 8 Premiere Easter eggs was “that last shot of Gabriel and Negan in the trailer, and that high pull-up shot which is very reminiscent to the last shot in the pilot as well.”

E! is “wondering what the hell was going on in those strange scenes peppered throughout the premiere with a much-older looking Rick.”

• Talking about the scene of Rick with a cane and an older Judith, Greg Nicotero tells Insider, “I don’t know if we’ve ever really sort of worked out the exact timeline in terms of exactly how many years in the future it is, but Alexandria’s a pretty exciting, great, thriving community.” confirms with Greg Nicotero that the Season 8 Premiere had four separate timelines. spotlights how Negan saying, “Let me ask you somethin’, Rick,” in the Season 8 Premiere was purposely done “to echo the voice of Jon Bernthal’s Shane Walsh.”

• After viewing the Season 8 Premiere, The Huffington Post asks “some lingering questions.”

Movie Pilot reports “there are several new title cards in the AMC drama’s iconic opening credits” and takes a closer look at all of them.

Nerdist highlights Sesame Street‘s parody of The Walking Dead, “which reimagines the Cookie Monster as a Rick Grimes-like hero, Sheriff Graham. The Walking Gingerbread comes complete with its own versions of Daryl and Michonne.”

Popsugar lists “the many times Rick and Michonne were obviously destined to become #Richonne.”

• For recaps and reviews of the Season 8 Premiere, “Mercy,” check out Cinema Blend, Digital Spy, Entertainment Weekly, MarketWatch, NPR, Rolling Stone, Screen Rant, The Telegraph, TVLine, USA Today, Us Weekly, Vanity Fair, Variety and Vulture.

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