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Digital Spy Lauds Daryl; Steven Ogg Talks Simon With CinemaBlend

This week, Digital Spy honors Daryl as one of the best characters who never appeared in the comic source material, while CinemaBlend interviews Steven Ogg. Plus, announces Season 7 will be available Sept. 8 on Netflix. Read on for more:

• One of Digital Spy‘s all-time favorite TV characters is Daryl, who didn’t appear in the comics but has “gone on to be the most popular character on the show, with #IfDarylDiesWeRiot trending on Twitter basically every time a new season airs.”

CinemaBlend interviews Steven Ogg, who says he likes that Simon isn’t in the comic book because “the fun and the freedom for both the writers and me personally, as an actor, is that there’s no blueprint for him, so I think they can mold him into whatever void needs to be filled.”

• Steven Ogg describes Season 8 to, saying, “Yeah, let’s thin the herd, man, let’s thin the herd.” announces that Season 7 will be available for streaming on Netflix on Sept. 8.

• A Season 8 preview special — featuring Scott Gimple, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lennie James — will air Sept. 10, ahead of the premiere of the second half of Fear the Walking Dead‘s Season 3, reports. speaks with Michael Cudlitz, who says he would have liked to see Abraham “operate as a full fledged soldier in a military operation attacking other humans because we never really saw that.”

• According to, Michael Cudlitz discusses Abraham’s future with Sasha in a Season 7 dream sequence: “We see him see himself having a child with her, but in the end, in an alternate universe, they do. They continue to move forward in the world and create life, and it’s a new beginning. But that’s not the reality.”

• Asked by CinemaBlend if he’d return to the show again in a flashback, Michael Cudlitz says “that is definitely a possibility. There’s another character that I think would be back before me. But who knows?”

• Michael Rooker points out to WGN Radio that Merle was better than Negan because he was “never a killer, a psychopath. Merle was a tough guy, and you don’t want to mess with him, especially not in the zombie apocalypse.” looks back at the highlights of Season 5, which includes “some of the most shocking and plot-propelling moments to date.”

FanFest lists 19 Easter eggs that only “a true Walking Dead fan has caught.”

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