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Scott Gimple Talks With ComicBook; Playbill‘s Corey Hawkins Q&A

This week, Scott Gimple talks Rick vs. Negan with, while Playbill interviews Corey Hawkins, the actor who portrays Heath. Plus, Greg Nicotero releases a video of a zombie. Read on for more:

• Scott Gimple tells that “the things that Rick has done you can hold up against the things that Negan has done and it’s not a vast gulf between those two but the way that they operate is very different.”

• Speaking with, Corey Hawkins says the characters he’s played are “chess players and I think that’s true of any character I’ve played—whether it’s Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet or it’s Heath on The Walking Dead in his sort of dilemma that he’s trying to decide life and death and is it worth taking someone’s life?” checks out a video released by Greg Nicotero, of a “zombie stumbling through the woods from the production of his latest episode.”

• Chatting with The Buffalo News about Father Gabriel, Seth Gilliam says, “I’d rather not be running around with a gun – there are plenty of other people running around with guns. He’s an interesting character with opportunities to do different things.”

• According to Movie Pilot, Robin Lord Taylor, asked if he would return to The Walking Dead, replies, “Absolutely. If I did come back, I would obviously be a walker. It would be kind of difficult because they slit my throat, bashed my brains in and burned the building down.” spotlights a fan-made video that “packs footage from several seasons of The Walking Dead into an emotional and intense summary of Season 7’s events.”

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