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Vulture Interviews Sonequa Martin-Green; Greg Nicotero Talks to Yahoo

This week, Vulture interviews Sonequa Martin-Green, while Greg Nicotero talks Rick vs. Negan with Yahoo TV. Plus, Scott Gimple teases a possible Glenn reappearance to TVLine. Read on for more:

• Sonequa Martin-Green offers advice to Vulture on playing a walker: “I think you just gotta let go, that’s for sure. You gotta be hungry! And you have to go into this primal state, where you just have this absence of thought and a drive to eat.”

• Talking about Rick and Negan’s confrontation in the Season 7 Finale, Greg Nicotero tells Yahoo TV, “I think that’s really one of the most important moments of the episode, because Rick is not going to back down.”

• Scott Gimple shares two tidbits with TVLine about Eugene (“It certainly looked like he was still a Savior. But is that going to haunt him… change him? Or is he forever Negan?”) and Glenn (“It’s certainly possible” he could return in a flashback or vision).

• Speaking of the Season 7 Finale, Scott Gimple tells Entertainment Weekly, “Andy [Lincoln]’s performance was spectacular. Just so wonderful and powerful and emotional. I was thrilled with it. I was thrilled with what [director] Greg Nicotero did with the episode as well.”

• Summarizing Season 7, applauds, “The Walking Dead is the biggest and bravest show on cable and Season 7 is its most powerful yet as unforgettable moments will be ingrained in fans minds for years to come and the aftermath of the season’s events will be felt for years.”

• “Carl has grown up on The Walking Dead. Not just physically, but emotionally. He has turned into a real leader, just like his father. He has no fear anymore,” BuddyTV writes.

The Verge spotlights a behind-the-scenes video of Shiva’s stand-in, a stuntman who wears a blue mocap suit, commenting, “I’d say getting tackled by a faceless 240-pound man (whose last name is Hunter) after he leaps at you from a mini-trampoline is high up on the list of experiences I’d rather not have.”

• Explaining to TooFab that fashion stopped on the show on Oct. 10, 2010, when the apocalypse began, one of the show’s costume designers, Elaine Montalvo, says, “That’s an interesting challenge, trying to work looks from the past and modernize them just enough that they’re still cool.”

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