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The Sanctuary Brings Out Eugene’s Dark Side — Watch The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 11

Eugene is constantly telling people he’s not brave. But when he took responsibility for the bullet that nearly killed Negan, he showed that there might be more to him than just a mullet.

Unfortunately, nobody was more impressed than Negan.

Now, in The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 11 “Hostiles and Calamities,” Eugene’s been taken to the Sanctuary and he’s about to be tested in a different way with a temptation that only a man like Negan can offer: the dark side.

Watch “Hostiles and Calamities”

Negan wants Eugene’s brain on the Saviors’ side, and has the power to make Eugene’s post-apocalyptic dreams come true with privilege, video games, beautiful women and, of course, snacks.

Eugene is in a real pickle — especially with Lucille looming over him. Can he resist the dark side, or will he prove he’s as weak as he always claims? Watch Season 7, Episode 11 “Hostiles and Calamities” to find out.

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