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Making of The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere — See How Thousands of Walkers Were Sliced in Half on the Highway

How do you effectively get rid of a football field worth of walkers on a highway? When you’re a part of The Walking Dead crew, anything is possible.

In a new video on the making of the Mid-Season Premiere, the cast and crew detail how Rick and Michonne were able to essentially slice through thousands of walkers causing an inconvenient traffic jam.

Go Behind the Scenes of “Rock in the Road” With the Cast and Crew

There was a drone capturing wide shots and an electric vehicle platform running alongside the cars, but the actual slicing of the walkers involved a bit more visual effects magic.

One hundred and fifty walkers, including 20 stunt walkers, reacted to an imaginary cord cutting through them to essentially help “ground us in reality,” according to VFX Supervisor Derek Spears.

“I guess you could call it the biggest weed-wacker ever,” says VFX Supervisor Victor Scalise.

Click here to watch the full video and get the lowdown on the goriest scene from the Mid-Season Premiere, as well as the big explosion that followed.

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