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A New Group Has Rick Surrounded… Which Might Be a Good Thing: Watch “New Best Friends” Now

Rick hasn’t had much to smile about lately. That is, until he and the survivors are surrounded by a group of armed strangers in Season 7, Episode 10 of The Walking Dead.

Why the change of heart? After all, Rick’s never been one to welcome strangers. But that may all be changing. First, Rick appealed to King Ezekiel and Gregory for help and now he’s cracking into a grin when faced with a mysterious new community.

Watch “New Best Friends” Now

The answer, of course, comes back to Negan. Rick is still looking for others to build an alliance with against the Saviors  and this new community appears to have both the numbers and the weapons.

What will the discovery of a new community mean to Rick? Find out if they’re friends or foes in Season 7, Episode 10 “New Best Friends.”

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