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NY Times on Memorable Mid-Season Finale; Vogue “Spoils” Season 7

This week, The New York Times calls the Mid-season Finale one of the year’s most memorable TV episodes, while Vogue spoils Season 7 (so far). Plus, lists the show’s five best moments in 2016. Read on for more:

The New York Times list of the year’s most memorable TV episodes says one way of looking at the Season 7 premiere is that it “gave the most realistic, uncompromising rendering in the show’s seven years of how people would actually think and behave in a zombie apocalypse.”

Vogue spills the major spoilers of 2016, including how “Negan killed Glenn and Abraham with a mean-looking barbed-wire bat named Lucille” in the Season 7 premiere. checks out The Walking Dead‘s “most astonishing, heartbreaking, and terrifying moments” in 2016.

• According to The New York Times, The Walking Dead is “most popular in rural areas, particularly southern Texas and eastern Kentucky.”

Screener chooses the year’s most epic TV moments, including Negan’s introduction in “Last Day on Earth“: “When he arrived it took almost no time at all — if you forgive the break between seasons — before he killed two beloved faces, ushering in a new era of The Walking Dead.” spotlights a Reddit user who calculated each character’s kill count, revealing “who the most deadly character in Season 7 has been.”

• Speaking with Blastr, Chad L. Coleman describes Tyreese as “an everyday man, and there’s no superhero-ness to him. He’s very human and that humanity sits up front…” features a video that sets Negan’s best lines to “a laugh track. You know, for that nice, warm, sitcom feel.”

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