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The Saviors Invade Alexandria in the Mid-Season Finale: Watch “Hearts Still Beating”

Negan is inside the walls of Alexandria and he’s not ready to leave.

In the Season 7 Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead, Negan has made himself comfortable while waiting for Rick to return from his scavenging mission.

Things may seem peaceful when he sits down for dinner, but Negan is a ticking time bomb and the Alexandrians can’t keep him entertained forever.

Watch “Hearts Still Beating” Now

How long until everything goes sour? What will it take for the community to finally declare they’ve had enough of these antics? See the answers to these questions and what horrors await Rick in the Season 7 Mid-Season Finale “Hearts Still Beating.”

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The Walking Dead returns for the second half of Season 7 on Sunday, February 12 at 9/8c on AMC. Watch a trailer for the return of The Walking Dead.

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