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Making of “Hearts Still Beating” — Go Behind the Scenes of “the Best Fun” Andrew Lincoln Had All Season

Rick and Aaron had a hell of a time making it back from their scavenging mission alive.

In a new video about the making of the Mid-Season Finale , Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Ross Marquand (Aaron) reveal that navigating that walker-infested pond was no day at the beach for the actors either.

Go Behind the Scenes of “Hearts Still Beating” With the Cast and Crew

In addition to dealing with the excruciating Georgia heat and being drenched in water, the actors also had to contend with a slowly sinking boat — courtesy of the special effects team, who drilled holes and used plugs so the boat wouldn’t sink too fast.

As for walkers, they had to appear as if they had been “submerged in water for months and years on end,” Ross Marquand explains. As if their gnarly appearance wasn’t enough of a challenge, killing a floating walker is harder than it seems. “You have that extra variable of movement,” says VFX Supervisor Victor Scalise.

Despite the grueling work that went into bringing the walker lake to life, Andrew Lincoln still declares “that was the best fun I’d had all season.”

Click here to watch the full video to learn how the Season 7 Mid-Season Finale came to life.

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