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Go Inside the Moment in “Sing Me a Song” When Carl Recognizes Negan’s Weakness

It seems like the Survivors have been under Negan’s thumb for an eternity, and at war with the Saviors for even longer. In all the time, nobody has gotten close to Negan. Nobody has gotten in his head. According to the cast and creators, that’s no longer the case…

In a new behind-the-scenes video delving into Season 7, Episode 7, “Sing Me a Song,” and Carl’s decision to head to the Sanctuary on his own to kill Negan.

Go Inside “Sing Me a Song” With the Cast and Creators

Death is “a price he’s willing to pay for what Negan has done and for what his community is living under,” says Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth.

Negan has other ideas as to the price for Carl’s attempt on his life. He can’t help but take a liking to Carl and show off the power he holds over his men and his harem.

“Negan thinks this kid is special,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan explains. “There’s something he sees in him that I think reminds him a little bit of himself.” Executive Producer Greg Nicotero agrees: “Negan sees the fire burning within Carl and he looks at him like a potential recruit.”

Still, stepping into the lion’s den doesn’t come without risks and no one — especially a direct threat —  seems to be exempt from Negan’s villainous ways.

That’s why Carl calls out Negan for not having killed him or Rick already, which Executive Producer Scott M. Gimple thinks “in some ways hits upon a sensitivity of Negan’s.”

Click here to watch the full video and get the cast and creators’ thoughts on Negan’s weakness and what Carl learns from his visit to the Saviors.

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