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Talked About Scene From “Service” — How Will Maggie Respond to Gregory’s Betrayal?

Sasha and Maggie saved the Hilltop from invading walkers, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Gregory.

While the Hilltop’s leader tries to turn them over to Negan’s men, they do have one important ally: Jesus. He’s on their side and in this talked about scene from Season 7, Episode 5, “Go Getters,”  he insists Gregory protect their “one big happy dysfunctional family.”

Watch the Talked About Scene From “Go Getters”

Unfortunately, it seems Hilltop is in the hands of Gregory for the time being, so staying might mean playing by his rules. Or Maggie can make some rules of her own…

Click here to watch the full scene and see how Maggie responds to Gregory.

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