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Sneak Peek of “Go Getters” — Does Michonne Have Plans for Negan?

There’s no easy answer when it comes to fighting the Saviors.

After Negan showed up at Alexandria to remind Rick who’s really in charge, the survivors are divided on how to move forward in the new world order. Rick may want to accept Negan’s rule, but this exclusive clip from Season 7, Episode 5, “Go Getters” shows that Carl, for one, isn’t on board.

Watch a Sneak Peek of “Go Getters”

Carl insists that submitting to Negan won’t work and he thinks Michonne knows it, too. Now Michonne is again heading outside the walls without Rick and just may have her a plan of her own.

Click here to watch a clip from Sunday’s all-new episode and see how Michonne responds to Carl’s challenge of Rick.

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