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Making of “Go Getters” — See How Maggie Literally Crushed Her Walker Foes

The Hilltop residents might not be prepared to deal with a walker attack, but Maggie and The Walking Dead crew have had plenty of practice organizing a strong defense.

In a new video on the making of Episode 5, the crew and Lauren Cohan show how Maggie went back to her farm-girl roots to defend the Hilltop from the Savior-orchestrated attack.

Go Behind the Scenes of “Go Getters” With the Cast and Crew

When the Saviors open the gates and draw walkers inside, “It’s absolute disaster at Hilltop,” says Cohan. “…However, there is a tractor on the premises and we know that this farm girl knows how to use a tractor.”

Not only did the show’s crew replicate a ’70s lime-green Gremlin for Maggie to drive over with the tractor, they also used a mix of digital manipulation and plain physics to show the walkers being crushed.

VFX Supervisor Victor Scalise explains that the team created huge wheels to simulate the force of the walkers being flattened by the tractor’s tires on-screen, which allowed them to “end up with pancakes afterwards.”

Click here to watch the full video and learn how Episode 5 came to life.

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