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Inside “The Cell” — The Cast and Creators on Daryl’s Guilt Over Glenn

“You don’t kill that. Not until you try a little,” Negan said of Daryl in the Season 7 Premiere  — and it seems he’s standing by those jeering words in the latest episode of The Walking Dead“The Cell.”

While it takes a lot to shake Daryl, actor Norman Reedus acknowledges the gut-wrenching guilt that his character is feeling after Glenn’s death in a new behind-the-scenes video about Season 7, Episode 3.

Go Inside “The Cell” With the Cast and Creators

“There’s a part of Daryl that feels like he belongs there,” Reedus says of his character’s broken state.

To make matters worse, Dwight (Austin Amelio) — who was first introduced in Season 6 — is the one put in charge of mentally torturing Daryl at Negan’s home base, the Sanctuary.

“Dwight really is his nightmare,” Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd says of the duo’s complex history. “Dwight is the one that reminds him that if he had killed him when he had a chance, things may have turned out very differently.”

But the resentment goes both ways.

“Daryl embodies everything that Dwight wishes he could be,” adds Executive Producer Greg Nicotero. “He’s defiant, he stands his ground, he won’t be moved by anything or anyone.”

Click here to watch the full video of the cast and creators’ commentary about Dwight and Daryl’s unique relationship.

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