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Video — Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the Parallels Between Negan and Rick

Stepping into the shoes of a character like Negan is a new experience for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. “This is the first time I’ve done something where I know that people are just going to despise me,” he says.

Why? Because no one’s ever had Rick and his group this helpless. As Negan puts to a broken Rick, “You thought you were safe, but you are not safe. Not even close.”

Despite the undeniable evilness of Negan as a character, Morgan sees similarities between him and Rick: “Negan has a little bit more of a sense of humor than, say, Rick Grimes. And he’s maybe more outward in his brutality, but in saying that, I remember Rick ripping the throat out of someone once with his teeth.”

Hear what else the actor has to say about Negan and how he’ll impact Rick and the rest of the survivors.

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