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Dead Impresses at NY Comic-Con; Melissa McBride Talks Carol With EW

This week, The Walking Dead panel impresses at New York Comic-Con, while Melissa McBride discusses Carol’s state of mind with Entertainment Weekly. Plus, Andrew Lincoln reminisces about shooting the pilot. Read on for more:

The Hollywood Reporter‘s recap of the show’s New York Comic-Con panel quotes Lauren Cohan saying the Season 7 premiere is “so unexpected, jarring and destabilizing. The story that comes from this year is insane.”

Deadline characterizes the drama’s New York Comic-Con panel as “lots of funny stories, plenty of discussion of where the actors think their characters are headed, and even a couple of heartwarming moments, like when Lauren Cohen broke down in tears when the milestone of the show’s 100th episode came up.”

Entertainment Weekly shares what it learned from the panel, including Greg Nicotero warning “there are some unbelievable moments and performances that’ve come out of the fog and the haze and the post-traumatic stress of the actual moment that set the stage for the entire season.”

• At the panel, Lennie James says to IGN, “If you notice at the end when he shoots that Savior to save Carol, I think one bullet would’ve done it. But he emptied the clip. So those fans who want Morgan the killer to come back, be careful what you wish for.”

• Melissa McBride says at the panel that Carol “just needs to get her head together, and what we have to do is so monstrous to survive,” according to

• After watching the Season 7 Premiere sneak peek at New York Comic-Con, Bustle says “viewers should prepare for an emotional, gory, and shocking premiere.”

MoviePilot considers one of New York Comic-Con’s best moments to be The Walking Dead‘s glimpse of what’s to come in Season 7: “AMC offered a short clip of Rick and Negan facing off. If this doesn’t get you pumped for Season 7, we don’t know what will.”

• Asked by Entertainment Weekly about Carol’s state of mind, Melissa McBride offers,”How will she accept the Kingdom? How will the Kingdom accept her? Is she going to stick around? Is she going to leave? Is she capable of leaving? You know, what kind of condition is she in?”

• Andrew Lincoln talks to Entertainment Weekly about the opening teaser of the series pilot, “Days Gone By,” saying, “I can’t think of a more impactful, shocking, thrilling, and terrifying beginning.”

• Jeffrey Dean Morgan describes Negan to Den of Geek as “a very special character that’s got this irreverent sense of humor and this charisma. His use of the English language, I find rather brilliant.”

• Interviewed by, Michael Cudlitz warns, “There’s a whole bunch of other stuff that’s gonna go down as the season progresses, and it’s intense. I would say they shouldn’t really be so much worried about the first episode as the rest of the season.”

• Ross Marquand talks to Entertainment Weekly about the Season 7 premiere, saying, “Whether your favorite character is Daryl or Rick or whoever, the death is going to really be brutal and it’s going to affect you in a very visceral way.”

• Scott Gimple talks Dwight with Entertainment Weekly, noting that he is “very important to the overall story and the story of Alexandria and the Sanctuary, the story of the greater world. He has one of the more complicated stories.”

TheWrap rounds up “some of the key information you need to know going into the new season of the hit AMC zombie apocalypse series.”

• Looking back at the Sophia emerging from the barn scene in Season 2’s episode “Pretty Much Dead Already,” Scott Gimple tells Entertainment Weekly it was “one of those moments that defined the show because it had these spectacular Walkers coming out and this violence that was very much contextualized with a heartbreaking act.”

• Discussing Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan tells Complex, “This world is his stage and he’s enjoying himself at the great expense of others.”

• According to The Wall Street Journal, Robert Kirkman says that he isn’t going to disclose what caused the zombie plague, saying, “What am I going to have a scientist walk up and say, ‘Hey we figured it out.The president was working with NASA.’?”

Entertainment Weekly reports that AMC will air a two-hour retrospective, The Walking Dead: Journey So Far on Oct. 16 for “all those who don’t have time to binge all six seasons” of the show.

• Dave Alpert says to that “what we do is we boil down drama to its very base elements and that people come out and say, ‘I would have done this in that circumstance.’ And it’s very easy to put yourself into that situation.”

• Greg Nicotero tells Blastr that putting on Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is harder than doing the show “because of the audience expectation … they have a much harder job, and the scares have to be much more meticulously crafted.”

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