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Before Season 7 Changes Everything, Look Back at Five Iconic Rick Moments

The Season 7 Premiere is right around the corner and the world of the survivors is about to get much, much bigger. Before Rick‘s life changes forever, take a look back at five of Rick’s iconic moments with photos and video extras.

From sheriff’s deputy to Ricktatorship, watch Rick in The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far special on Sunday, October 16 at 9/8c.

1. Rick Wakes Up to Find a New World
Rick emerges from his coma and doesn’t find Shane. Or Carl. Or Lori. Just a door, ominously labeled “Don’t Open. Dead Inside,” and a terrifying, death-ridden hand. The rest is history.
WATCH: Rick awakens from a coma and finds what awaits him.

2. Rick and Shane’s Final Confrontation 
An unhinged Shane threatens to kill Rick, forcing Rick’s hand. “Damn you for making me do this,” Rick yells at him.
WATCH: Go inside the epic scene with Andrew Lincoln.

3. Rick Meets Judith
When Maggie and Carl emerge from the prison with Judith, Rick immediately knows something is wrong. “Where is she?” is all he can say about his wife.
WATCH: Andrew Lincoln takes fans inside Rick’s heart-wrenching loss.

4. Rick Bites Joe
It’s never a good idea to get between Rick and Carl. Joe learns that the hard way when Rick takes a lesson from the walkers, biting Joe’s neck and spitting out the flesh while Joe quickly bleeds to death.
WATCH: Go inside Rick’s battle against the Claimers with the cast and creators.

5. Rick’s Walker-Killing Rampage in Alexandria
After watching his son get shot in the eye and Jesse’s family get devoured by walkers, a shell-shocked Rick strides outside with his hatchet and harnesses his fury into a walker-killing frenzy.
WATCH: Go behind the scenes of Rick’s rampage with Andrew Lincoln, the cast and creators.

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