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Melissa McBride Talks Carol to Variety; Norman Reedus Visits Stephen Colbert

This week, Melissa McBride discusses Carol with Variety, while Norman Reedus visits Stephen Colbert. Plus, Danai Gurira talks similarities between The Walking Dead and her play Eclipsed. Read on for more:

• Melissa McBride tells Variety that Carol “has evolved to where she is because of all the experiences the writers have given her. I’ve grown with her.”

• According to Complex, Norman Reedus shares with Stephen Colbert the directive he received for one of his favorite kills: “I want you to jump off this one and come down like Michael Jordan.”

• Danai Gurira, speaking with Vanity Fair about diversity in entertainment, says, “It is up to individuals who hold positions of power to look around themselves and take a look at their patterns.”

CarterMatt wants an Emmy nod for Melissa McBride, noting, “Carol is a woman with so many layers, and capable of so much; McBride plays this character in such a way that you think she is unstoppable at times; then, you see the heart and the vulnerability and you want nothing more than to give her a hug.” talks to Danai Gurira, who says, “A great story is a great story, and you can find it in Ibsen and Shaw and Chekhov—Familiar was my Chekhovian version of my own people—and you can find it in a zombie apocalypse.”

Vogue interviews Danai Gurira, who compares The Walking Dead and her play, Eclipsed, saying, “Andy Lincoln said it after he came (to the show) and I feel the same way: there are some deep parallels between the two worlds.”

Variety chats with Norman Reedus, who explains that viewers are “excited for 7 to reveal the answers to 6. So I will say it’s well worth the wait. You know what I mean? I know what happens, and we shot it, and it’s well worth the wait. Trust me.”

• Asked about the Season 6 cliffhanger, Danai Gurira confesses to E! Online, “Yeah I know. I know what’s happening. I’ll tell you this much—I know something. I know a little bit more than you.”

• Talking about Season 7 with Deadline, Norman Reedus teases, “It’s a brand new world right now, man. We have big bad guy and that opens up our world quite a bit and changes everything. I mean, you see a shift of power completely on our show.”

• Norman Reedus tells IGN, “It’s well worth the wait, that cliffhanger, I will say that. This season that we’re doing now is going to answer every question, and it’s well worth the wait — well worth the wait.”

Entertainment Weekly visits Greg Nicotero’s boot camp for walkers at Universal Studios Hollywood’s upcoming The Walking Dead attraction, where “these walkers will be in character for hours at a time, ready to deliver scares at any given moment.”

• Greg Nicotero tells IGN, “The main thing about Season 7 is establishing that the world isn’t what everybody thinks it is, the world out there.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Michael Cudlitz, Tom Payne, Michael Traynor and Greg Nicotero will set sail on the Walker Stalker Cruise in February 2017. looks back at Season 1, which “set the tone for this dark, desolate series as Rick rode his horse into Atlanta to discover just how far gone the world he used to know was.”

GameRant showcases the trailer for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding video game, which stars Norman Reedus: “In true Kojima fashion, the trailer is cryptic, emotional, and beautiful.”

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