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Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Playing Negan; Gale Anne Hurd Teases Season 7

This week, Jeffrey Dean Morgan discusses playing Negan, while Gale Anne Hurd previews Season 7. Plus, Norman Reedus talks about the season finale. Read on for more:

The Wall Street Journal asks Jeffrey Dean Morgan about Negan, and he says, “In Negan, you got something. A little bit of that is fear, little bit of that is charisma, a little bit of that is a sense of humor, gathered in one character. In one monologue, that’s what I tried to do on the fly.”

• Jeffrey Dean Morgan says he has the impression that “we will pick up directly from what we saw last night that ends Season 6, on that note, and Season 7 is gonna pick up right where we left off. So yeah, you’re gonna see who’s at the end of that bat and what happens from there,” Variety reports.

• Gale Anne Hurd explains to Deadline, “Season 7 certainly is going to be all about the game-changer that is Negan and what that means to the world of The Walking Dead and all of the characters in it.”

• Norman Reedus appears on Today talking about the finale: “All of us had reactions to it. I think Josh [McDermitt] threw his script. Andy [Lincoln] was late for work because he couldn’t sleep. Lauren [Cohan] broke out into tears. We had crew members crying. It’s heavy.”

• Greg Nicotero, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, says, “Knowing the fact that any death changes our characters and changes our people in a very dramatic way, what’s exciting about season seven is how a death — any death — changes people and propels us into a different direction.”

Entertainment Weekly chats with Greg Nicotero, who says, “Next season is really Negan’s story and how our group has to deal with who he is and what his way of life is, so I think it’s the perfect ending to this season.”

Yahoo TV interviews Greg Nicotero, who says the Season 6 finale was “the first time that we’ve ever seen Rick and his entire group in this situation, where they’re utterly, utterly helpless. It’s just emotionally gut-wrenching.”

• Andrew Lincoln says to Entertainment Weekly that Rick is “a man trying to do right in all circumstances, but yet he did some sloppy things and went into an area morally that was unknown territory and very dark. And probably is suffering for his sins.”

• At the end of the season finale, Rick is “a man who realizes that he’s crumbled and everything that he did and fought for may be disappearing before his very eyes. So in short, it’s Negan’s land now,” Andrew Lincoln says to The Hollywood Reporter.

• In Variety, Andrew Lincoln adds, “This felt like a demolishing of all of this work that had happened over six years. [Negan] has got a baseball bat and he’s smashing everything I’ve fought for.”

• According to Variety, Scott Gimple teases that, in Season 7, “the world is going to open up even more. We’re going to have a wide variety of locales, tone and character. I’m very excited for all the different stories that are going to be told.”

• On Talking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan explains Negan is “a charismatic leader. And also people are probably a little scared of him. But in this Walking Dead world, people are going to follow a guy like that. Just like Rick,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and TVLine report on Scott Gimple’s and Robert Kirkman’s comments on Talking Dead, where Kirkman says Negan is “the hero of his story, like most villains. And if we had been following him all this time we’d be 100 percent on board with that.”

• Speaking with TheWrap, Andrew Lincoln says of the show’s writers that “it’s daring what they’re doing. As a returning episode, to kill one of us to start the season? It’s not the usual way one would start off as a writer.”

• Recapping the Season 6 finale, The Hollywood Reporter comments, “The introduction of The Kingdom and Negan effectively set the stage for season seven to explore the stunning five-issue Walking Dead comics arc called ‘All Out War,’ which sees multiple communities unite in a bid to defeat the sociopath.”

Collider applauds the show’s decision not to show who Negan killed because “if the episode had ended with the death of some beloved character having their head turned into a substance not unlike beef stroganoff, the scene would be about them and their demise, how Negan affects Rick’s group, rather than about Negan as a character.”

The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair and TheWrap share their theories on Negan’s victim.

• Josh McDermitt tells IMDb Eugene “shouldn’t be alive in the apocalypse, but somehow he figured a way to be a survivor. That’s just very exciting for me, and I’m happy to be able to portray a character like that.”

IMDb checks out the Negan cliffhanger and has several burning questions for Season 7.

Uproxx posts a clip of Danai Gurira telling Conan O’Brien about the time she was only supposed to kill eight zombies but Greg Nicotero “let Danai go wild, and let her improv the highly-skilled zombie butchery of dozens of shambling zombies. This is why we love Michonne.”

• Danai Gurira says to Billboard, “Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s just phenomenal. Working with him was harrowing and also, as an artist, extremely gratifying.”

• Melissa McBride talks to Den of Geek about Carol’s turning points, such as “certainly seeing her daughter dead and then having to put down Lizzie and seeing the horrible, innocent brutality that Lizzie put on her sister Mika, just because she doesn’t know better.”

Entertainment Weekly debuts a first look video for Ride With Noman Reedus, “which will feature the star and a different riding companion in a different city each week as they travel to a destination and explore motorcycle culture along the way.”

Variety reports that Danai Gurira’s play, Eclipsed, has been nominated for a Lucille Lortel Award in the Outstanding Play category.

Forbes asserts, “Danai Gurira is absolutely killing it right now. She plays a fan favorite character on The Walking Dead, has written two plays currently running in NYC, and even has a videogame (!) dedicated to her.”

• Danai Gurira was one of the honorees at this year’s Black Girls Rock! event, according to the Associated Press.

• For recaps and reviews of the Season 6 finale, “Last Day on Earth,” check out Big Shiny Robot, Entertainment Weekly, New York Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, TVLine, Us Weekly, Variety, Vulture, TheWrap and Yahoo TV.

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