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Scott Gimple on Negan’s Language; Danai Gurira Visits Stephen Colbert

This week, Scott Gimple discusses the effect of Negan’s language, while Danai Gurira visits Stephen Colbert. Plus, Lauren Cohan talks about Maggie’s evolution. Read on for more:

• Scott Gimple, discussing broadcasting Negan’s profane language on AMC, tells Entertainment Weekly, “I think we will get as close to the version of full-octane Negan as we can through some version of the show or another.”

• Danai Gurira tells Stephen Colbert an island is the best place to survive an apocalypse because zombies “can’t get to you. You get there, you clear it out and you chill. You figure out how to sustain yourself through agricultural means,” according to TV Overmind.

• Lauren Cohan discusses with The Hollywood Reporter what she enjoyed about this episode, that “by the end of it, when everyone is at the edge, the fire wakes up in Maggie and there’s no going back from that change in her.”

• Addressing Gregory, Lauren Cohan tells Yahoo TV that Maggie “realizes that he’s just a lovable buffoon. Lovable may be a bit too far… but he’s just a buffoon.”

• Maggie and Glenn are “trying to actually have a life and to thrive and flourish. It’s completely in line with their hopeful outlook toward the world and their faith in great things that they want to take that love and make a child with it,” Lauren Cohan says to

Yahoo TV interviews Andrew Lincoln, who teases Season 6’s final episodes, saying, “There’s some brilliant performances, and some amazing cameos as well, some brilliant actors that only appear in a couple of scenes, and phenomenal supporting cast performances.”

Variety reports that The Walking Dead was honored with seven Saturn Awards nods, including one for Best Horror Series on Television.

• Scott Gimple says to TheWrap, “There have been articles pinpointing exactly when Negan shows up, and that’s a bit disappointing, because they may not be entirely true. There’s kind of a build up. But you might even see him next episode. Absolutely. Well, sort of. Well, definitely. Well, maybe. Maybe not. But possibly.”

• David Alpert teases to IGN, “Negan is one of the greatest villains ever created in TV. It’s the greatest comic book villain I’ve ever read. He’s amazing, he’s terrifying, he’s funny, he’s charming…”

Entertainment Weekly interviews Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o about Eclipsed, calling the play “harrowing, heartbreaking, with glimmers of humor.”

Uproxx has “10 questions we need answered” after this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

• Sonequa Martin-Green, talking to Express about Sasha and Abraham, says, “They’ve both suffered from PTSD – they have that link. They are also both survivors, of course everyone’s a survivor in this world, but they are both soldiers. Of course he really is, but I believe she has a soldier mindset.”

Den of Geek speaks with Greg Nicotero, who says that “we establish Alexandria is a little oasis in the middle of this gigantic dead world, so through this season and onward we show how this dead world manifests its threats, either in the form of Walkers, or the Saviours.”

• Norman Reedus, talking to, marvels at The Walking Dead‘s crew, how “we’ll be blowing up tanks and we’ll be blowing down buildings and you’ll look over and there will be a thousand zombies. Sometimes we have four proper camera teams shooting at the same time.”

Entertainment Weekly asks Melissa McBride about Carol’s favorite zombie kills ever, and she names one from Season 4 when “Carol goes down to the bridge outside of the fence at the prison to get the gunk out of the hose. And Rick sees her down there and is of course calling her — ‘Carol!'”

• According to E! Online, Norman Reedus shows up on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he talks about getting bitten by a fan and appears “in a new sketch as Daryl Dixon taking on one of the most annoying things in awhile: hoverboards.”

• Norman Reedus also visits with James Corden and discusses a prank he played on Andrew Lincoln when, on “the last day of shooting for this last season, he walked into his trailer and I’d filled it full of chickens,” according to Time.

• Michael Cudlitz tells Den of Geek that Abraham’s mustache is “a tool, it’s a weapon just as much as everything else – it’s the thing you first see and it’s something he uses to intimidate.” gets the details on zombie school from Greg Nicotero, who “wants two things in wannabe walkers — looks and performance.”

• Greg Nicotero, asked by the Evening Standard about a zombie apocalypse in London, says “there could be a moment where the Royal Family flies in, on this great bomber and blows a whole field of walkers out and steps out of the plane and saves everybody.”

• Lauren Cohan shares with Entertainment Weekly that her grandma is her biggest role model and that “she’s so into the show that the gore sort of flies past her.”

• Greg Nicotero, interviewed by The Guardian about his special effects work, says Nicholas’ death was “the most choreographed disembowelment I’ve ever been part of.”

Newsday asks Danai Gurira about The Walking Dead‘s influence on her work, and she says, “Watching how my bosses weave together story has inspired me even more to start creating for the screen.”

TVLine‘s best TV quotes of the week includes Rick and Daryl “acknowledging the foolhardiness of their excursions into the big, bad world.”

Moviepilot spotlights the music used in “The Next World” and points to the three best songs used on the show overall since “the soundtrack to the show itself is immensely impressive.”

Backstage interviews Danai Gurira, who declares, “I’m not only a person of color, I’m also a woman. And I’m not only a woman, I’m also a woman from the third world. All those elements put together means I have a lot to do.”

• Danai Gurira, appearing on the cover of Uptown with the Eclipsed cast, says, “Creating this play was an act of love and it was really something that I couldn’t let go of. I really felt like I had to tell this story and I was really scared out of my mind.”

Uproxx clues viewers in to Tom Payne, who “may look unfamiliar to most in America, but he has been a relatively known actor in Britain for a while.”

• For recaps and reviews of Season 6, Episode 11, “Knots Untie,” check out Big Shiny Robot, Den of Geek, Digital Spy, Entertainment Weekly, E! Online, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, TVLine, USA Today and Us Weekly.

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