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Merritt Wever Talks Denise’s Death; Josh McDermitt on Eugene’s Bite Scene

This week, Merritt Wever discusses Denise’s death, while Josh McDermitt talks about Eugene biting Dwight. Plus, Scott Gimple teases Negan’s arrival. Read on for more: interviews Merritt Wever, who says Denise “wasn’t quite ready, really, to go out. I don’t think she had any arms training or anything like that. She just wanted to be a part of it so bad and she wanted to be brave and courageous and overcome her fears.”

• Merritt Wever tells Entertainment Weekly about Denise’s death scene: “They had put a prosthesis on my eye, so it was weird to be walking around with one eye permanently closed, but it was really easy. They really know what they’re doing down there and they’re really, really good at it.”

E! Online learns from Merritt Wever that Daryl is “someone who makes her [Denise] feel safe and comforted and is very familiar to her because he reminds her of her brother.”

Vulture speaks with Merritt Wever, who says she would have wanted Denise “to finally feel strong and brave and courageous. I think she’s probably been a very lonely person for a long time in Alexandria, and before Alexandria, too.”

• Merritt Wever tells The Daily Beast, “It’s a big win when she [Denise] finds soda for Tara. I think she wants to feel respected by Rosita and Daryl for it. And they don’t. And she’s tired of trying and trying to prove herself.”

The Hollywood Reporter speaks with Josh McDermitt about biting Dwight’s crotch: “This is a guy who is becoming a man of action — not just someone who is hoping someone else will protect him. It was certainly a fun scene to shoot. This was a tense and high-stakes situation.” He gives more details about the bite to Yahoo TV.

• Josh McDermitt tells Vanity Fair, “A lot of people think they would be Daryl in the show and in the apocalypse. But my guess is the majority of the people trying to survive are going to be like Eugene. Just scared, no survival skills, hoping someone like Daryl or Abraham protects them.”

Entertainment Weekly talks to Josh McDermitt, who theorizes that Eugene “certainly understands that he is still not an Abraham, or a Daryl, or Michonne in terms of physical strength and agility and things like that, but he certainly has the confidence at this point…”

• Talking to Toofab about Negan’s impending arrival, Josh McDermitt says, “We don’t bring characters on that will just be there. Anytime you meet someone, there’s always something else going on underneath. We need new characters to keep driving the story forward.”

• Scott Gimple declares to Entertainment Weekly that Negan is “a singular character, I think, of the last 10 to 20 years of popular culture. I find him to be a fascinating character.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Season 6 finale on April 3 will be 90 minutes long, which “could allow more time for the introduction of Negan.”

• Gale Anne Hurd, previewing Negan’s introduction, tells Us Weekly that “anyone who loves Negan from the comic books will literally be cheering. They won’t be able to sit down at home or wherever they are. I think they’ll stand up and cheer.”

Entertainment Weekly speaks with Austin Amelio, who says that Dwight has “adapted to the world. He’s running with Negan, and I think he’s still held back, but he’s adapted, and he knows how the world works and there’s no turning back.”

Tech Insider comments on the return of Dwight, “one of Negan’s right-hand men in the comic.”

Zap2it calls the final moments of the episode “hard to process. After having a rather erratic season, where she swung between overprotective mama bear, assassin and baker, Carol (Melissa McBride) has bid the Alexandria Safe Zone goodbye.”

• Lauren Cohan builds up the season finale to Entertainment Tonight: “It’s the biggest finale I’ve ever seen in television. In any episode of TV, maybe barring the last episode of the Sopranos, but that’s a different kind of fish.”

• Norman Reedus shares with Entertainment Weekly one of his favorite zombie kills: “I really liked the chain and taking off the three zombie heads with the chain. That was kind of awesome — very Indiana Jones-ish.”

• Greg Nicotero tells The Guardian, “While movies are using more CGI [computer-generated imagery], television is embracing more practical makeup effects and putting it in front of more people on a week-to-week basis.”

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Yeun will star in an indie action thriller called Mayhem that will be directed by Joe Lynch. honors Melissa McBride in “The Same Boat” as the TV performer of the week: “What plays out in this episode between Carol and Maggie, and Carol and the group’s leader Paula, is a great display of McBride’s abilities.”

• Alicia Witt is TVLine‘s performer of the week because “her nuanced work made us wish almost as much as Carol did that Paula could have been spared.”

The Guardian interviews Andrew Lincoln, who says, “We’ve got an opportunity in this crazy-ass world we’ve invented – which is obviously very cool ass, bad ass, thrilling exciting, bloody, gory, scary and action-packed – to say something about what it is to be human.”

Entertainment Weekly talks to Josh McDermitt, who speculates about what Eugene’s been up to back in Alexandria “while Rick Grimes and Co. have been off murdering people in their sleep and luring unsuspecting victims onto a ‘Kill Floor.'”

• Austin Nichols, interviewed by Maxim about Spencer, says, “There’s a reason he outlived his entire family. He wants to do the right thing and his heart is in the right place but he’s flawed.”

• Ross Marquand tells Flickering Myth, “I’m excited that Aaron is stepping up into more of a warrior role, as we saw in the raid episode, now that protecting what they call home is taking precedent over recruiting new Alexandrians.” notes that Daryl and his crossbow first appeared in Season 1, “but its origins go back further.”

Design & Trend notes, “Over the course of the recent plot, Carol has tapped into her former shyness to shock and destroy her enemies. Here are five dual-personality moments that made Peletier amazing!”

Tech Insider speaks with John Sanders, The Walking Dead‘s property master, about how his team “handles and coordinates the massive amounts of blood and guts on the show.”

• For recaps and reviews of Season 6, Episode 14, “Twice as Far,” check out ABC News, A.V. Club, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, GQ, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, The New York Times, TVLine, USA Today, Us Weekly, Vulture, The Week, TheWrap and Yahoo TV.

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