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The Walking Dead Q&A – Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) (Spoilers)

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead, talks about building a life during the apocalypse and what the Hilltop Colony means for the group.

Q: Glenn and Maggie seem to be trying to build something, despite the world around them. Is that possible to do during a zombie apocalypse?

A: I’m constantly hopeful and Maggie is constantly hopeful, too. I think at this point, they’ve overcome so many things and it’s in honor of the people they’ve lost that they have to keep striving higher and fighting harder to hold on to what remains. Otherwise, these losses are in vain if we aren’t going to live a life, procreate and build a future. There’s always a possibility of life and goodness. I think she is definitely focused on building that life despite the difficulties.

Q: Speaking of building something… Michonne and Rick have gotten together and Tara and Denise are falling for each other as well. There’s so much love in the apocalypse! What are your thoughts on that? 

A: Yeah, and we’re all very glad that there’s more romance. In times like this, life-or-death [situations], you remind people of life and that results in hooking up sometimes. [Laughs] You’re faced with your own mortality and it’s that human instinct to survive and I think that this whole crew is faced with their own mortality. It makes you grab and hold onto love and to life.

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Q: How did Deanna’s death affect Maggie? What do you think about Rick later telling her that Deanna was right about her? 

A: Throughout Maggie’s life, she’s had some pretty cool people to look up to – Hershel being at the forefront of that. Deanna is able to teach Maggie another aspect of leadership and adulthood. Deanna’s friendship and mentorship was such an important relationship for Maggie, and for the whole group. Rick is really happy that Deanna brought these skills out in Maggie and showed him what she’s capable of because then he can begin to lean on Maggie more.

Q: Maggie tells Spencer he still has family even though he lost his own and she also seems to want Enid to feel included as well. What does it say about her nature?

A: We know Maggie as family-oriented. She’s lost her family, but with this whole group, there’s no time to waste. We all know that the ties of blood are the strongest and the group is lucky enough to employ that bond even though they’re not blood-related. Maggie is a very firm believer in that. Sometimes, it’s even tough love and calling people out, like Enid, and saying, “You’re better than this.” That’s love and that’s important.

Q: In Episode 611, Maggie is the one who sits down with Gregory at the Hilltop to negotiate a deal, and she certainly means business. Were you proud of how she advocated for herself and crew?

A: Yeah! She’s so driven to create a safe home for herself, her family and her baby. She’s not messing around. I would use a stronger word, but she’s definitely not messing around. [Laughs] This is an opportunity and she’ll be damned if it’s getting away from her.

Q: Do you think the group getting out into the wider world is a good or bad thing?

A: I think it’s a good thing. The key to survival is trade, negotiation and outreach. That’s what the Hilltop offers.

Q: What was it like to portray Maggie receiving her first sonogram? Since baby Judith is still doing just fine, does that give Maggie and Glenn hope?

A: Steven [Yeun] and I have been on this whole journey together and you can’t not be emotional while portraying that. It’s a beginning of life. It was a really nice scene to do. It felt like family.

Q: In regards to Maggie’s pregnancy, Abraham tells Glenn, “When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?” Were you on set to hear that line? Did you crack up?

A: It’s very difficult to keep a straight face with Michael Cudlitz and his lines. He kills me. We did one take where we’re in the van and I’m sleeping, but we see that Maggie hears it and smiles, but doesn’t let them know that she heard it. I love Abraham!

Q: Maggie has certainly come a long way since her farm girl days. Do you ever look back at how much she’s changed? Do you ever miss the old Maggie?

A: I think she was pretty feisty with Glenn at the beginning. I remember her cracking an egg on his head and giving him crap about 11 minutes of her life she’ll never get back. This season, though, I think there was a reemergence of that feisty girl and it’s been so cool because she’s found the next stage of her strength.

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