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Ten Essential Tips for Surviving The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Mobile Game

Are you a Daryl Dixon-level badass at The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile game? Or have you still yet to download the official game of The Walking Dead — in which case, what are you waiting for? No matter. Even the most experienced player can benefit from these ten essential tips for surviving No Man’s Land

1. Don’t Always Shoot First
Easy pickings may not always be worth the risk. Guns make a lot of noise and that can attract more walkers. So sometimes the easiest way to get through a level is to holster that sidearm.

2. Beware of Walker Ambushes
Not every lurking walker is visible. When you enter a level for the first time, you can only see what’s in your survivors’ line of sight. Move too far, too fast and you could find yourself surrounded by walkers you never knew were there.

3. The Best Defense Is a Good Offense
Your survivors get two Action Points per turn, including one attack. But you don’t always need to charge in: Save an Action Point, then hold back one survivor to guard the others so they can perform tasks safely.

4. Defeating Armored Walkers
To take out armored walkers, you’ve got to dare to get up close: Use a Scout to get the job done and save your Shooters and Hunters for other targets that can be killed from a distance.

5. Sometimes You’ve Got to Take a Hit
You can’t always avoid taking damage. Be sure to know which one of your survivors is tough enough to take a hit and position them accordingly.

6. Power Up Your Bruisers
The Bruiser can stun large crowds of walkers, but only after taking down two other walkers. Pay attention to the survivors that need such power-ups at the outset of a fight in order to get the most out of them.

7. Never Stop Moving
If you can move, do it. There are always more walkers coming, and if you stay still, you’re as good as dead.

8. Don’t Panic
When one of your survivors gets locked in a struggle with a walker, they are actually safe from harm for a couple of turns. Deal with the more imminent dangers first, then save your teammate.

9. Turn Away the Weak
You need to build the strongest team possible if you’re going to make it through the end of the world. Each survivor you add to your team should be strong enough to help you win.

10. Explore!
If you can’t pass a mission, you may just need to get stronger. Explore the area to get better armor and equipment.

Download The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land for Android and iOS now.

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