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Lauren Cohan on Maggie’s Situation; Norman Reedus Talks to WSJ

This week, Lauren Cohan discusses Maggie’s pregnancy and Glenn, while Norman Reedus talks to The Wall Street Journal. Plus, EW gets Ross Marquand’s perspective on “Now.” Read on for more:

• Lauren Cohan tells Entertainment Weekly it’s right that Maggie is pregnant: “As a storyline and as something to explore as actors and as how it will affect not just Maggie and Glenn but the entire world and Maggie’s relationship to others and Glenn’s relationship to others — it puts such a great, loaded road ahead of us.”

• Lauren Cohan discusses Glenn’s situation with Variety, saying, “I think we’ve known Maggie as a character who perseveres with hope, and I don’t think this is any exception. He’s not back but he’s come back and we as a group have come back from worse things, so when there is an option, always hope.”

The Hollywood Reporter interviews Lauren Cohan, who says, “Maggie and Deanna have so much to gain from each other. Maggie is thrilled to see her come back around. It’s a confirmation that hope prevails.”

• Norman Reedus talks to The Wall Street Journal about Glenn’s situation: “I was in that episode and I watched that episode and I was like how could they do that! I had the same feeling, trust me. That’s our show. That’s what we do. We rip your guts out — literally.”

• During a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, Ross Marquand says “Now” was one of his favorite episodes to shoot so far because it was “really intense at parts because even though we had this real working sewer system, it was also a lot of sharp edges and jagged spots, and also some tight corners to film in.”

• Ross Marquand speaks with Us Weekly, saying Maggie reveals her pregnancy to Aaron “because she needs to tell someone because her and Glenn had only had that conversation in private, and in the moment when we’re about to break through the gate, Maggie realizes it’s not only about her and Glenn, it’s about their unborn child.”

• Greg Nicotero, interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter about Glenn, says, “It’s probably not the last time we’ll visit that dumpster scene…That story is definitely not over.”

Deadline reports that Lennie James has been cast in Double Play, an adaptation of Frank Martinus Arion’s novel that will be directed by Ernest Dickerson.

USA Today observes there’s a proliferation of small screen martial artists including Morgan who uses a Bo staff, “a deadly weapon wielded in a certain way, but it is not necessarily a weapon that is designed to kill,” according to Lennie James.

• Norman Reedus tells Entertainment Weekly his favorite day ever on set occurred in the Season 2 premiere, “What Lies Ahead” : “Andy [Lincoln] and I with Greg [Nicotero] and the special effects team cutting open the zombie body trying to look for Sophia’s bones. Because that was just a really fun, funny day.”

• Looking at Alexandria, The Globe and Mail wonders, “If we had the will, do we have what it takes now – logistically, financially, technologically – to build sustainable, off-grid communities like this for ourselves?”

TVLine awards a performer of the week honorable mention to John Carroll Lynch: “In the end, Eastman turned out to be too good a man to last. But the impression that he made — and Lynch right along with him — sure will.”

TV Insider learns from Greg Nicotero that one of the sewer tunnel zombies in “Now” was an homage to Alien.

Cinema Blend comments that “Now,” the most recent episode, “went above and beyond in the way of seriously gross walkers, thanks to Maggie and Aaron’s trip into the sewer…”

• Speaking with, Ross Marquand says of the Season 6 finale, “I’ve never seen or read an episode that is so dark and so compelling in my life and that’s the God’s honest truth.”

Wetpaint interviews Katelyn Nacon, who says, “The Wolves and Alexandria are kind of like the same thing to Enid. Alexandrians are too naive and they don’t know what’s going on in the world. The Wolves, I think they know too much and they’ve kind of gone past that point of sanity.”

Moviepilot takes a look at “the many dimensions of the phenomenal Norman Reedus and why we love him.”

Moviepilot writes a post on an “accessory that Daryl is rarely without that you may have never noticed: His red bandana.”

MTV thinks Eugene is the show’s true hero because “that dude’s hair game is on point.” catches up with Madison Lintz, who talks about playing Sophia, saying, “It was kind of disgusting to be a zombie. It was fun, though. [Sophia] lives on in the comics, so I’m happy with that.”

• Josh McDermitt shares with Hidden Remote what he’d take from the show if Eugene died, including perhaps something from Norman Reedus’ or Andrew Lincoln’s trailers. spotlights Richmond’s Classified Moto, the custom cycle and design shop that built Daryl’s “gritty-looking” motorcycle.

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