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Celebrate Glenn’s Survival With Five Great Moments In Glenn History

He’s alive! But that’s no surprise. Glenn’s proved himself a true survivor from his first interaction with Rick. Whether it’s surviving the prison flu outbreak, narrowly avoiding execution in the Terminus slaughterhouse, or every single interaction he’s had with Nicholas, Glenn just lives. Celebrate his continued existence by reliving some of his closest calls with death, notably…

1. Escaping a Walker Hoard –  Season 1, Episode 2
Rick and Glenn’s plan to douse themselves in rotting gore to masquerade in a horde works well until a surprise rainstorm washes away the stench, leaving Glenn and Rick surrounded by hungry walkers. Whoops! They make it to safety in the nick of time, before the swarm can sink in their teeth. Click here to watch Glenn’s escape and other highlights from the episode.

2. Snaring the Well Walker – Season 2, Episode 4
When the makeshift pulley system breaks, Glenn’s left dangling helplessly within everybody’s favorite obese walker’s reach, inches away from a deadly bite. As if Glenn’s close call with death wasn’t enough, ultimately the well walker is ripped in half, rendering Glenn’s risk completely unnecessary. Click here for an inside look at the well walker scene.

3. Merle’s Interrogation – Season 3, Episode 7 
After torturing Glenn proves fruitless, Merle decides to sic a walker on Glenn. Glenn, now fighting for Maggie as well as himself, manages to fight off the walker while duct taped to a chair, facing a close call when the walker sinks his teeth into his taped wrist right before Glenn manages to stab him with a broken chair leg.

4.  The Revolving Glass Door – Season 5, Episode 14
When Nicholas panics and leaves Noah and Glenn to die in the revolving glass door, the only thing stopping Glenn from being devoured himself is a thin glass door, through which he can only watch his friend Noah get ripped into pieces by walkers. Noah’s sacrifice gives Glenn the ability to escape, however it easily could have been Glenn pressed up against the glass. Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at Glenn’s narrow escape and Noah’s death.

5. Glenn’s Showdown With Nicholas – Season 5, Episode 16
This guy again? Nicholas fights dirty. Very dirty, shooting Glenn from behind! While Glenn does manage to get a few punches in, Nicholas pokes him in the bullet hole and leaves him pinned under three walkers. Against all odds, Glenn ultimately gains the upper hand and takes Nicholas under his wind. And we all know how that works out…

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